Project Management Features

"Your IDE is far superior to PyCharm" -- James P. Gibbs

Wing's powerful project management capabilities work with Python environments managed by virtualenv, pipenv, conda, and Docker, with revision control using Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, or CVS. You can easily create new Python environments from Wing, add, remove, or update Python packages, and freeze your package configuration for use by other developers.

Flexible Python Environment

Wing's project manager makes it easy to set up, manage, and share your development configuration. You can create projects for existing or new source directories, optionally pulling code from a revision control repository. Easily create and configure your Python environment along with your new project, using virtualenv, pip, Poetry, pipenv, or conda, either locally, on a remote host, or with a container managed by Docker or LXC/LXD. Project creation supports automatic configuration for common Python packages, such as Django, Flask, Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas, Maya, Blender, and others.

Wing's projects work with your existing file structure to simplify searching and navigating code. Projects store the state of your user interface between sessions and any environment necessary for debugging or testing your code. The project manager also supports adding, deleting, and renaming files and directories on disk, and tracks these changes in the active version control system.

Package Management

Wing's powerful integrated package management tool simplifies inspecting, adding, removing, and upgrading Python packages in your Python development environment. Your current configuration can then be frozen, for so other developers can easily replicate the same environment. Package management is supported for pip, Poetry, pipenv, and conda environments.

Integrated Version Control

Wing Pro supports revision control with Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and CVS. Available operations include status, commit, log, blame/praise/annotate, revert, resolve, and repository push/pull. A difference and merge tool is available for comparing files or directories, and for reviewing uncommitted changes.