Terms of Sale

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Prices for Wing Pro are given in the online store. Wing Personal and Wing 101 are free to use without charge and do not require a license key.

Wing Pro licenses are sold on a per-developer basis, and each license covers use by one user of Wing Pro on all the supported operating systems. For licensing details, see License Terms.

Access to support and upgrades is included with all Wing Pro licenses, as described below.

Scope of Support

We take supporting our users very seriously. All support requests are handled by one of the developers of Wing Pro, each of whom possesses intimate knowledge of the Python IDE's internals and uses the IDE daily to develop, test, and debug itself. We respond to every request, and try to provide helpful hints whenever possible.

Wingware accepts support requests by email to support@wingware.com. We strive to respond within a few hours, and guarantee a response within at most two business days (Monday through Friday, excluding regular US business holidays).

Support requests, bug reports, and feedback may also be submitted from Wing IDE's Help menu, if a valid email address is provided.

Support is subject to the terms and limitations given below. Additional support resources are available in our support center.

Cost of Support

Support for installation and any bug that blocks a user from working with Wing Pro is always free. Support for other problems is available to customers using a valid annual license for Wing Pro or customers with a perpetual license that is covered by Support+Upgrades.

One year of Support+Upgrades is included with every Wing Pro license. For perpetual licenses, Support+Upgrades may be extended at a cost of US$ 89/year for Commercial Use and US$ 39/year for Non-Commercial Use. For annual licenses, Support+Upgrades is included with each renewal.

Please use the upgrades page to add or extend Support+Upgrades on existing perpetual licenses, or to renew an annual license.


Annual licenses and perpetual licenses covered by Support+Upgrades have access to all new releases of Wing Pro. Perpetual licenses not covered by Support+Upgrades have access only to releases within the licensed major release, and must pay for upgrades to later major releases. For example, a perpetual license for version 5.x includes access to versions 5.0, 5.0.1, and 5.1 but would have pay to upgrade to 6.x if not covered by Support+Upgrades.

Licenses may also be upgraded from Non-Commercial Use to Commercial Use by paying the price difference between the original and upgraded license.

Use our online store for all types of upgrades.


Upon written request, we will revoke any license and refund its purchase price within 30 days.

Terms and Limitations

Wingware will provide support for installation, configuration, usage, and diagnosis and fault resolution for the covered Wing Pro product.

For serious functional faults that prevent usage of the product, Wingware will seek a work-around or issue a patch to resolve the problem. For other faults, Wingware will make a good faith effort to resolve the fault in a subsequent version of Wing Pro, in priority based on its severity in the context of all reported faults.

Support is provided by email only. Support by phone, instant messaging, and other channels is available only at Wingware's discretion in a particular case.

Support is limited to the active user of each covered license.

Support may cover third party products and libraries but Wingware does not warrant its support for any software other than Wing Pro.

Wingware is not obligated to provide a remedy for a fault in old versions of Wing Pro, if a remedy already exists in newer versions.

Wingware cannot guarantee that Wing Pro can be used without disruption, that provided remedies can be used without disruption, or that all problems will be solved.

Wingware's liability is limited to the lesser of the cost of the product license or the Support+Upgrades subscription.

Support requests that prevent us from identifying the licensed user may be subject to delays beyond those specified in this agreement.