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Wing Pro contains some pluggable sub-systems that may be extended by the user, by writing Python code to provide specific defined functionality for that sub-system.

Plugins are written as classes that override abstract methods in a base class for each type of plugin. They are placed into the directory plugins, either within the Wing installation directory (inside Contents/Resources in the macOS bundle) or in the user settings directory. A plugin found within the user settings directory will override a like-named plugin in the installation directory.

The plugins directories area is organized by type of plugin, with one sub-directory for each type. The files that define the API for each plugin type are named and found in subdirectories of src/plugins in the Wing installation directory. A plugin implementation can import the API with from plugins.<type> import api where <type> is the plugin type.

This feature is currently limited to the sub-systems documented in the following sub-sections.

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