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Wing provides context-appropriate code completion in the editor, Python Shell and Debug Console. Using the auto-completer decreases the amount of typing needed to write code, and reduces the incidence of typos in symbol names. In Wing 101, this feature is disabled by default.

When enabled with the Editor > Auto-completion > Auto-show Completer preference, the auto-completer appears and disappears automatically as you type. Items can be selected by typing until the correct symbol is highlighted, or by using the up and down arrow keys.

To cancel out of the auto-completer, press Esc or Ctrl-G. The auto-completer also disappears when you exit the source symbol by typing or clicking elsewhere, or if you press key bindings to invoke other commands.

Completion Keys

By default, Tab enters the completion it into the editor. Other completion keys can be added with the Editor > Auto-completion > Completion Keys preference. For printable keys such as '.', '(', '[', and ':' the completion character will be added to the editor after the completed symbol, and any appropriate auto-editing operations will be applied. If '.' is used as a completion key, the auto-completer will reappear immediately with the attributes of the completed symbol.

In Wing Pro, it is also possible to configure the auto-completer in Python code to treat any non-symbol key as a completion key. See Turbo Completion Mode for Python for details.


In Wing Pro and Wing Personal, the completer can be reconfigured to display only after a specified number of characters, or after a time delay. Completion matching may be case sensitive or insensitive. The completer may also be resized, and can be auto-hidden after a specified timeout.

These and other configuration options are available in the Auto-completion preferences.

Code Snippets

In Wing Pro, the auto-completer also contains the names of snippets defined in the Snippets tool. Completing a snippet enters it into the editor and collect any snippet arguments inline in the editor, in fields that can be traversed with the Tab key. For details, see Snippets.

To prevent Wing from including snippets in the auto-completer, turn off the Editor > Auto-completion > Include Snippets in Completer preference.

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