Other Wing Pro Features

"I just keep lovin' it! Best Python IDE ever!" -- Diogo Baeder

Wing Pro provides many other features useful to Python developers, as well as extensive documentation. The supported operating systems include Windows, macOS, and Intel Linux, and also Raspberry Pi and other ARM Linux devices through remote development.

Version Control

Wing Pro supports version control with Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Bazaar, Subversion, and CVS. Available operations include status, commit, log, blame/praise/annotate, revert, resolve, and repository push/pull. A difference and merge tool is available for comparing files or directories, and for reviewing uncommitted changes.

Project Management

Wing's light-weight project manager makes it easy to search and open the source files you are working on. Projects work with your existing file structure to store the state of your user interface between sessions and any environment necessary for debugging or testing your code. The project manager supports adding, deleting, and renaming files and directories, and tracks these changes in version control.

Other Features

Wing Pro also provides a PyLint integration, an OS Commands tool for executing command lines within Wing, and a tool for inspecting and converting indentation. Extensive documentation, a tutorial, and how-tos for using Wing with specific third party packages are also included.