"Serious Python developers should take a serious look at Wing IDE" -- Doctor Dobb's Journal

Wingware's Python IDE is an Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for the Python programming language. This section of the website describes why our customers choose to use Wing IDE. For each of the points below, we provide a number of screencasts that briefly illustrate how Wing IDE delivers increased productivity and code quality:

  • Write code faster -- Many of the features of Wing IDE focus on boosting productivity and code quality, and supporting developers working with complex code.
  • Find and fix bugs quickly -- Wing's powerful multi-threaded Python debugger speeds up the process of isolating bugs and crafting bug fixes.
  • Navigate code with ease -- Wing IDE provides a number of features that make it easier to work through and understand unfamiliar source code
  • Edit with your favorite key bindings -- By providing a familiar keyboard feel, Wing IDE is extremely easy to pick up and use, even for VI and Emacs users.
  • Customize your workspace -- No two IDE users are alike. Wing IDE provides considerable latitude in customizing the GUI and key bindings, integrating external tools, and extending the IDE by writing Python scripts.
  • Get Responsive Support -- Wingware is dedicated to providing quick and helpful support to our customers.

See also: Key Features of Wing IDE, which focuses on showing off features in action, and our collection of Screencast Tutorials, which provide more detailed instructions on using the features of the IDE.

Key Benefits of Wing IDE