Wing IDE 5.1 beta2: January 9, 2015


Wing IDE 5.1 beta2 is now available for all product levels (Wing IDE Pro, Wing IDE Personal, and Wing IDE 101).

This beta release adds an XCode keyboard personality, converts indents in pasted code to match the target file, and fixes a number of bugs in multi-process debugging and other new features.

What's New in Wing IDE 5.1

The feature highlights of Wing IDE Pro version 5.1 are:

Multi-process Debugging

Wing Pro can now debug multiple processes at once. By default, Wing will accept multiple debug connections, showing a process selector wherever a stack selector is shown in the user interface, in addition to a thread selector if there are multiple threads in the debug process. The process selector groups processes into a process tree, showing the relationship between them regardless of how they were created or debug-enabled.

You can also ask Wing to automatically debug child processes. This is off by default since it can be confusing to new users, or unwanted in some code bases, but can be enabled with the Debugger > Processes > Debug Child Processes preference and the Debug/Execute > Debug Child Properties setting in Project Properties.

Wing can automatically debug child processes created with the multiprocessing module, with os.fork() (on Posix platforms) or whenever a process is started using sys.executable. In other cases, wingdbstub can be used to start debugging in the child process.

Additional features for debug process control are available in the Processes sub-menu of the Debug menu and the Debugger > Processes preferences group.

More information on multi-process debugging can be found in the Wing IDE Manual in Wing's Help menu, in the Multi-Process Debugging section of the Debugger chapter.

Improved Python Shell and Debug Probe

The Python Shell and Debug Probe now syntax highlight code, as in the editor. The shells now also show data value tooltips when the mouse hovers over symbols.

Other Improvements

  • Added How-To for Flask
  • Support for Django 1.7 and Django running on Python 3
  • Updated and clarified the web2py How-To
  • Updated Plone How-To for launching Plone from the IDE
  • XCode keyboard personality
  • Convert indent style of pasted code to match the target file
  • Recognize ArcGIS *.pyt files as Python code
  • Added a way to send keys to the editor via the scripting API
  • Added preference for type of split created by Goto Definition in Other Split
  • Added ability to copy selected result line, message, or line number from PyLint results (thanks to Viktor Lucza)
  • Added a close-all-readonly command to close any read-only files
  • Fixed about 50 bugs; see the change log for details.

Not all of these features are available in Wing IDE Personal and Wing IDE 101.


For more information on Wing IDE 5's features, please refer to the integrated documentation in the Help menu. Note that the documentation hosted on our website is for the latest stable release and not for this beta release.

Reporting Bugs

To report bugs, please submit a bug report from the Help menu in Wing IDE, or email us at support at wingware dot com

Compatibility Notes

By default, Wing 5.1 will install over your Wing 5.0 installation. To avoid this: On Windows, uncheck the option to remove Wing 5.0 or use the .zip installer; on Linux use the tar file installer; on OS X, unpack the OS X disk image to a location other than your Applications folder.

Wing 5.1 and 5.0 should be able to share project files, but we recommend backing up your projects as a precaution against unforeseen problems.

Wing 5.1 drops support for Python 3.0 and makes a few other minor changes listed in the change log.


After downloading Wing Pro 5.1.0-b2, Wing Personal 5.1.0-b2, or Wing 101 5.0.1-b2, just install and run Wing IDE as with previous versions.


Wing 5.1 is a free upgrade for Wing 5.0 users. You may also use a series of trial licenses with Wing IDE 5.1. To upgrade, visit the upgrades page and enter your license number.